Welcome to my Blog!

Welcome to my blog! I hope that you all can track all of my travels in Spain, and live it with me (although sitting on your computer looking at the pictures won't be as cool as taking them myself) Let the journey begin!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Taylor is in Spain?!!

So, as most of you already know, Taylor came to visit me in Spain. Originally Taylor was going to surprise me and just show up in Spain. But since I had no idea she was coming, I had already bought tickets to Majorca Island for that same weekend, and eventually Taylor had to tell me she was coming, or else I'd be gone while she was here. But if she would have just showed up on my front doorstep and I wouldn't had known, I probably would have had a heart attack. Swoshhhhh.

Taylor's visit came and went in the blink of the eye. It was such a short time that she was able to come, but it was so worth it. I'm a believer that while you are in Spain, time here goes twice as fast as it goes in the States. So the 5 days that she was here, seems like 2 or 3 days. It was ridiculous how fast.

Thankfully Taylor wasn't traveling alone. She was traveling with two friends from Asbury as well. After Taylor had arrived and we were sitting outside of her hostal that first day, I remember me saying out loud to Taylor "Is this really you? Are your really sitting here in Spain with me?" It just didn't hit me till then.

A lot was done in those 5 days that Taylor was here. Lots of exploring, lots of cooking good meal (my new recipe: pasta and chicken with garlic and mushrooms), and of course hair cutting. The last thing mentioned was something that I needed done badly. My hair was long, and since I didn't want to spend money to get it cut, why not have Taylor do it. I was more enthused about the haircut than Taylor was. She wasn't so sure about it. I kept saying "It's ok, you really can't make it that bad" And "If it looks bad we can just buzz it". So I practically gave her no pressure, but I was just as nervous as she was. After an hour or so, the hair was cut and it looks perfect! except for that one spot in the back that is missing hair, no jk, it looks great Taylor! Thanks!

AS for the explore and site seeing I felt like such an expert of the city when Taylor was here. Wherever we would be walking around I'd be telling her random facts about the architecture of the cathedral when it was built, art work, history behind a lot of things etc. It goes to show that I'm actually learning stuff in school, and that I'm not just here on vacation (although Taylor thinks otherwise) ha. We were able to go inside the cathedral, we visited the Plaza de Espana, got to feed the pigeons out of our hands at the Plaza de Americas, hung out down by the river and had a picnic, and for the highlight we even got to go into the oldest still in use royal palace of Europe, the Alcazar.

The royal palace in Sevilla

The duck in the Royal Palace that followed us around

Inside the gardens

She is quite the model

Don't go Taylor!!!
I enjoyed every second that Taylor was here. As she left she said "8 more weeks, no big deal". It is crazy to think that I'm half way done with the semester. Like I said earlier, times flies 2 or 3 times faster here.

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