Welcome to my Blog!

Welcome to my blog! I hope that you all can track all of my travels in Spain, and live it with me (although sitting on your computer looking at the pictures won't be as cool as taking them myself) Let the journey begin!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

First excursion to Pueblo Carmona

For my first little excursion, we made a trip to a small town called Carmona. It is about 30 kilometers out of Seville, which turns out to be a 45 minute bus ride. 

Finding the bus station, and the appropriate bus was an adventure in itself. I had a bus map of Seville, but it was of no use. Our group of 7 met up after mass in the huge central Cathedral, and we walked for a good mile or two to a bus station to find out that we needed to walk some more to the next bus station down the road. We finally made it to the right stop, and found out we had just missed the bus, and the next one didn't come till 2:30, a hour an half wait. Which was actually fine with me. Time flies here. You can sit down on a bench and just be amazed by Seville and next thing you know it has been an hour or town. People watching, as well as getting stared at, is always a blast haha.

This trip was only a day trip, such a small town with a lot of history that included a medieval fort, a bunch of awesome churches, and a Roman necropolis (which was very very disappointing in the end). Had a great time, but only needed about 3 hours to see it all and then we headed back to SEville. Round trip cost was $5...score!

The picture on the left is a view of the city. You can see the castle walls and two beautiful churches. The city was very hilly, unlike Seville. On the right is the city tower.

This is the crew that went with me. While I was taking this picture, a car almost ran straight into me. I moved and then he parked right where I was standing. Apparently Spanish patience and tourist respect doesn't exist in Carmona. 

Me on the fly

We didn't actually get a map of the city. When we arrived, we noticed these little metal arrow that say 'Tourist route'. We would simply follow the arrows, and it was a great self-tour of the city. Pretty sweet

One of the things that I had read about prior to going to Carmona was the fact that they had a roman Necropolis. It was made out to be a phenomenal place, the best in town. After searching, and finding it, we came to this site...the necropolis. It looked like mud, that's it. Pretty lame if you ask me. I was expecting a huge building, not this. Cool but disappointing. 

Our group excited that we made it to the Necropolis.

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