Welcome to my Blog!

Welcome to my blog! I hope that you all can track all of my travels in Spain, and live it with me (although sitting on your computer looking at the pictures won't be as cool as taking them myself) Let the journey begin!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Preparation

This is my first official post. I'm pretty excited about everybody being able to follow me through my blog, as it will make it easier on me not having to write every single person, when you can all see my blog at once. I'm very new to this blogging, but I'm learning quick.

Here is a little pr-trip fun.

Today was a very interesting day for me. A few weeks back I had a dentist appointment. It started out as simply a typical teeth cleaning appointment. To my surprise I had 5 cavities, and to make matter worse, I found out that I needed to get my wisdom teeth pulled sooner than later. Knowing that I was going to Spain (!!!!!!) soon, it needed to be done this week.

Today was the day that I actually all 4 wisdom teeth pulled. The procedure went very well, and I've been sitting in bed all day just watching movie after movie. A pretty boring day, but everyone has got to do it sooner or later in their life..the pulling of wisdom teeth not the sitting around part. With all this being said, I thought that after todays adventures, and thanks to my dad's video recording, I thought you guys might want to see what drugs can do to even me. Haha. Hopefully you enjoyed them as much as I do. I don't remember doing anything of this, as a matter of fact I don't remember anything until about 2 hours after the surgery.

Unfortunately, the videos won't upload, but check out my Facebook, they are hilarious!

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